Phase 2 of 3 in the pilot project regarding digitization of work routines for public transport using AI and ML with Chalmers Industriteknik completed.

Phase two of three in the pilot project for the development of quality-assured and more efficient work routines in public transport with the help of AI and ML has now been completed. Together with Chalmers Industriteknik, we have produced a successful ‘Proof of Concept’ (PoC).

We have evaluated the results and will now select a suitable partner for a 1-year pilot project to refine our technology and our algorithms.
After that we plan a European launch.

Jetas pilot project for development of more efficient work routines using AI and ML with Chalmers Industrial Technology

Excerpts from ElectriCity:
“Full-scale fully electrified bus traffic on several routes in Gothenburg, procurement of a record number of electric buses and countless tests. But also a broader scope focusing on, among other things, electrification of maritime traffic and construction sites, air quality studies and community planning. These are some of the results that came from the ElectriCity collaboration. ”

In addition to this, ElectriCity has also led to new collaborations, procurement and further research. Among other things, large procurements have been carried out by more electric buses to Gothenburg and collaborative projects on standardization of buses’ IT systems.We have received funding from the Västra Götaland region for a full-scale pilot project on optimizing work routines with the help of AI and ML in passenger traffic.In collaboration with Chalmers Industrial Technology, we have developed the software that is needed to start the project. This will be carried out together with Volvo Bus within the ElectriCity project with support from, among others, Västra Götaland region, City of Gothenburg, Västtrafik and Keolis.

On May 27, we deliver the pre-programmed hardware to Volvo to be installed on line 55, after which the tests will start immediately.



Yearly pen-test performed on Jetas server and applications

We have had our yearly pen-test performed on Jetas server and applications.

The inspection report is dated 2020-03-18 and showed that we do NOT have any critical vulnerabilities and only 1 deficiency of a more serious nature. Together with H2 Data AB, we have started to address this shortcoming. (It has to do with a protocol we use for communication to be upgraded to newer version.)

New partner, we welcome Saps!

Saps has signed a new agreement with Skånetrafiken regarding the operation and maintenance of stops and stations throughout Skåne. The agreement extends over a five-year period with an option for a further two-year extension. The contract sum is estimated to amount to approximately SEK 50-70 million over the contract period. Saps has about 200 employees across the country.

From January 1, 2020, Saps will manage all bus stops in the Skåne region’s 33 municipalities using the JETAS METHOD.

Implementation and training of Saps staff will be ongoing during the fall of 2019.

JETAS switches to electric cars!

JETAS has made a decision by the Board to use only EL-powered service cars from January 1, 2020.
The cars that are replaced today produce about 8 tonnes of CO2 per year, by switching to electric cars that are only charged on green electricity, we eliminate the total emissions.

JETAS is partnering with iCore Solutions


We are pleased to announce that as of October 1, 2019, we have chosen to partner with iCore Solutions for our integration solutions based on the iCore Integration Suite software. iCore is a Gothenburg-based company with around 50 employees and has been around since 1999. A selection of their customers are JULA, Bisnode, Grant Thornton, ESAB, MTR and Bergman & Beving.

We are very much looking forward to our cooperation!

New support-number from the 1st of May

From the 1st of May we will change the support number, our new number is (+46)721-64 59 59
You can always reach us via our mail,

We’ll also introduce mobile switches, which means that there are now five people available in support during Swedish office hours 09:00-17:o0 (GMT +1.0 (+2.0 summer time)).

We welcome Toyota as a new client!

JETAS certified with the Seal of Excellence by the EU

In April 2018, JETAS has been awarded the Seal of Excellence certificate by the EU Comission. With this, the EU confirms our high product quality and business concept. Within the EU there are almost 30 million registered companies, of which very few have been certified with SOE. Now, JETAS Quality Systems AB can be spotted this exclusive list!

We are incredibly proud and happy about this award that will open new doors and ways for us in Europe.

Read more about the EU Commission’s Seal of Excellence

Watch the video about our certified method:

Alfa Laval expands its cooperation with JETAS

On November 21st, two of our talented employees, Joachim and David traveled to Alfa Laval India. The purpose was to implement JETAS in 3 additional facilities and educate its users, and to implement the “case management functionality” of four facilities in the country.

David Gullmarsvik demonstrating the system

David Gullmarsvik demonstrating the system

We would also like to tell you that JETAS will be implemented as system support for another Alfa Laval site, Alfa Laval Eskilstuna. JETAS will there be used as operations & maintenance systems for facilities and production equipment.

It is always fun to work with such successful organizations as Alfa Laval and additionally have the confidence to expand collaborations!

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