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Time for the next step

The JETAS Method® is the ideal solution for companies with employees who mainly spend their working day outside the office.


Together we perform an analysis of your current way of working.

Asset register

Together we will establish a facility- and plant register with current buildings, systems and components.

Work planning

We will specify and schedule your unique work tasks.

Education and Startup

During the process there is a natural and continuous education. Work orders are activated and the system is up and running!

On the field

Key to JETAS is that the technician always has a mobile device. It is used to get the correct information in the field and to document, in text and image, all the tasks that the technician performs. This leads to big savings compared to using a paper-based system. All tasks have an approved performing group, a location and a time. This makes the planning of work simple. Always the right person at the right place at the right time!

In the office

The right person at the right place at the right time, equipped with the right tools and the right parts, that is JETAS in a nutshell!
The well-thought-out structure along with all measured data provides the best possible basis for staffing plans. No waste of time and no unnecessary costs. Those who start using The JETAS Method® quickly discover that the workload is much more balanced. The JETAS Method® facilitates work rotation and is an invaluable knowledge database when replacing staff or an entrepreneur.

Our Clients

Our users includes Svenska Bostäder, with more than 28 000 apartments in Stockholm. The system is also used in SKF and Alfa Laval's headquarters in Sweden, China and India.