The JETAS way

JETAS provides full control and quick overview of single and recurring tasks as well as the entire process of fault reports.

Require­­ment gathering

Together we set up an inventory of required buildings, systems and components.

Work planning

Work is defined and scheduled. Tasks can differ at i.e. supervision, service and maintenance.


Training oc­curs naturally throughout the setup process. We add a half-day edu­cation before launch.


Barcode stickers are created and installed. We send live work orders to the crew and are underway!


On the field

It is central to JETAS that the technician always works with a mobile device. The mobile device is used to document all the tasks that the technician performs. This leads to large savings compared to a traditional, paper based, process. All work orders have a location, a due date and an assigned group that is qualified for the work at hand. This makes planning and scheduling the work easy! Always the right man at the right place at the right time!

In the office

The right man at the right place at the right time, equipped with the right tools and right spare parts is JETAS in a nutshell. The elaborate structure along with the right data provides the best basis for planning your staff. You avoid wasted time and unnecessary costs. By using JETAS, administrators quickly discover that they have attained a more even workload. JETAS facilitates staff rotation and is a valuable knowledge bank in the event of staff replacements.


More about JETAS

Our Clients

Our users includes Svenska Bostäder, with more than 28 000 apartments in Stockholm. The system is also used in some of the world's largest department stores in Russia and Alfa Laval's headquarters in Sweden and in India.